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Old School Analog Camera


Hi guys, my name is Michelle and I am the lady behind the lens. I went to school and got my Masters Degree in mental health counseling, and then I picked up a camera, the rest is history. I love children and children love me, and that right there is my big secret. A powerful picture tells a story, a powerful headshot portrays emotion, a powerful campaign invokes a sense of connection to the brand, and all of this is made simple once that initial connection has grown.  

As opposed to writing a whole long paragraph as to  how my business came about, or how I am different from any other photographer out there, I prefer to let my images speak for themselves: My clients have gone forward and booked huge national print campaigns such as GAP, Disney, Macy's, Bloomingdales, and many other large names, you will find them on large network television shows, feature films, and on national commercials. A strong headshot is imperative in this industry, don't miss out on opportunities!

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